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Bob Sapp at Meiji Jingu on Seijin No Hi

Bob Sapp at Meiji Jingu on Seijin No Hi 2010-01-11

Today was Seijin No Hi (Coming of Age Day). I headed to Meiji Jingu to take some photos. On Seijin No Hi, many twenty year old young women wear kimonos for the ceremony, and they typically go to a shrine or visit other public places. The result is a very good opportunity for photographers to capture a colorful, traditional side of Japan. But this year, I confess, I wasn't that interested in kimonos. After some time wandering around Harajuku and feeling bored, I was glad for the distraction of Bob Sapp showing up. Judging by the movement of the crowd toward him, I wasn't the only one.

Bob Sapp was a household name in Japan a few years ago -- a K1 fighter and popular TV personality. I haven't seen him on TV for awhile, but he did have a crew with cameras and handlers following him around.

I've heard before that he's a "gentle giant," and he seemed that way. He spoke softly, stopped to pose with fans, and hoisted up kids for happy parents.


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